Reverse Engineering

We can help you recreate any spare parts/replacement part you need if not available on the local market or discontinued by the manufacturer

Backwards engineering

Reverse engineering (also known as backwards engineering or back engineering) is a process or method through which one attempts to understand through deductive reasoning how a previously made device, process, system, or piece of software accomplishes a task with very little (if any) insight into exactly how it does so.

About Reverse engineering

What is reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering (RE) is the process of analyzing a system to gain an understanding of its internal structure and operation. This can be done for a variety of purposes, such as to:

  • Understand how a product works: Reverse engineering can be used to understand how a product works, even if the manufacturer’s documentation is not available. This can be helpful for troubleshooting problems, or for designing compatible products.
  • Create a competing product: Reverse engineering can be used to create a competing product that is compatible with the original product. This can be a way to enter a new market, or to offer a lower-cost alternative.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities: Reverse engineering can be used to identify security vulnerabilities in software or hardware. This can be helpful for developing patches or for preventing attacks.
  • Obtain source code: Reverse engineering can be used to obtain the source code for a software product. This can be helpful for debugging or for porting the product to other platforms.

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